Family Issues

Discussion Questions on Family Issues

Here are some questions for discussion covering a wide variety of marital concerns. You can select several for dialogues between a husband and wife or for small groups. Consider this a starter kit of questions that could help to open discussion and communication.

Are There Gays in Heaven?

Are there gay persons in heaven? No. But there are many formerly gay persons there. First of all, we must understand that God loves homosexuals just the same as everyone else. The straightforward facts of this essay must not obscure this primary fact. Christians must learn to love and to lead gay persons into a deep personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where Did Halloween Originate?

Back in the 1700’s, the Catholic Church built a chapel to honor the saints on the eve of All Saints Day, which is November first. The word “Halloween” means “hallowed or holy evening” and was meant to be a holy time to meditate and prepare to honor the saints on October 31, the eve of All Saint’s Day.


Will Trick-or-Treating send your child to hell? No! But as we approach what is fast becoming a national holiday in the USA, let’s examine the one who gets the most glory from this day—Satan himself.

The Candy Cane Legend

During the Christmas season, we see a very familiar type of cane—one made of candy—an emblem specifically created to help celebrate the birth of Christ

Maxim of the Moment

Success in marriage isn’t finding the right person: it’s being the right person.