Family Issues

Ministering to the Sexually Addicted

Pornography addiction is defined as “a compulsive behavior causing negative consequences in one’s physical, social, mental and financial wellness.”

12 Traits of an Abusive Relationship

Laura Petherbridge, international author and speaker, gives insight on how to recognize individuals who deceive, manipulate and abuse those around them.

Coping With Depression

Take a moment and ask yourself if you have experienced or are presently going through depression.

Blending Families

God wants couples to marry and stay together for life (Rom. 7:2). Unfortunately, in my Eastern Cherokee Nation, as in many of our First Nations, blending families due to divorce and remarriage is becoming commonplace.

Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Husband

A successful home begins with the husband’s leadership. Let us ponder some attributes and characteristics of a good husband. We will cover four different topics that can help produce godly families when Jesus is the Head of the home

Maxim of the Moment

If the shoe fits, you are not allowing for growth. - Vernon Law