Daily Devotionals

Sheep and Human Beings

“All we, like sheep, have gone astray”    (Isaiah 53:6)
  But in what specific ways are humans like sheep?

Seed and Soil

Jesus teaches these four types of soil are symbolic of human hearts…..and their receptivity to the Gospel

Eagle’s Wings

Would you rather fly like an eagle….or be grounded like a turkey?

What’s Up With Manna?

Manna is a wonderful mystery.
Jesus refers to it in an allegorical way,
    for He is the Bread of Life.


Jesus has set us free. Whereas once we lived in bondage, we now live in freedom. What was once darkness has now become light. What was once unknown God has made known to us.

Death of a Child

For anyone who has lost a child or grandchild,
    this wonderful poem from Joe Cornett may bring comfort.


If you’ve come to the shores of a delima,
  take comfort and courage from this dynamic
    poem from Annie Johnson Flint

Toiling in the Rowing

The Lord sees us, rowing against heavy seas of opposition,
      and comes walking on the troubled waters to help us

Maxim of the Moment

You can’t go forward looking backwards. - Tommy Barnett