Daily Devotionals

What’s Love?

Tina got it wrong?
  She asks in her song, “What’s love…but a second-hand emotion”?
    Oh,….if she only knew…..

Onward and Upward, Christian Soldier

Fanny Crosby’s lyrics and poetry and Ira Sankey’s musical talent has often combined to create what has become some of the great hymnology of the church.

Marital Emotions

Is your marriage an
  Ocean of Emotion…or a
    Sea of Tranquility?

One Hundred Sheep….Minus One

Jesus said a man who owns 100 sheep will leave 99 of them
  to search for a stray (Matthew 18:12-14).
    Enjoy some thoughts on this written in 1868.

What Believers Are to BE

God calls us to be many things throughout the New Testament.
Here is a thought from each of the 27 books…..

Islam and Jesus

Let’s be fair about Islam. Is it unfair to point out that the last three letters in Muhammad are “Mad”? Is it fair to brand all who worship Allah as terrorists? Islam calls itself a “tolerant religion” – but is it?

Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns