Cultural Issues

Native Marital Facts and Fables

This essay will explore the forces that have hindered the development of effectual communicative skills. Blaine Goss and Dan O’Hair have correctly stated that “Interpersonal communication is the process of exchanging verbal and nonverbal messages in order to understand, develop and influence human relationships.”

Tribal Visits to

As you know, there is a place on the site to list your tribe/province and where you live. Although thousands have enterd the site, only a small percentage have registered. Note the tribal diversity and locations of individuals who have logged on. If you are Native and have not entered your tribe and location, please

Native Americans and Cultural Sensitivity

This is a compilation of statements from Native Americans students at Central Indian Bible College, near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation during the years 1984-1986. Opinions concerning the listed topics vary greatly from tribe to tribe….and year to year.

Native “Indian-ness”

The following is a compilation of comments from a survey given to 37 Native American students representing 14 different tribes on November 15, 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Expanded Missions Statement

Native American Marriage Enhancement (NAME) evolved from more than two decades of missional work among Native peoples. NAME was launched in 2003 as an Assemblies of God US Missions (AGUSM) endeavor. John and Doris Knoles are the co-founders and directors, and all NAME board members represent different tribes. The vision for strengthening Native marriages is defined through four specific missional goals.

Leadership: Cost, Crisis and Culture

There are hundreds of definitions of leadership. Although there are many different facets of the same diamond, a true visionary leader must have crystal-clear focus. The various lists of attributes of a leader extant today have one thing in common: all such attributes are positive.

Maxim of the Moment

You have to be careful about being too careful. - Beryl Pfizer