This theory holds that Christ’s Second Coming occurs after the “Millennial Era”.


According to this heretical fantasy, the Rapture occurs half-way through the Tribulation.


This view holds that there is no literal Millennium on earth; no earthly reign of Christ….just yet.

Freedom From Sin

Any definition of the term “sin”, in all its various forms in Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew, depict it as something which is negative. No reference to sin in the Bible shows sin as something positive or desirable, therefore any definition of sin must take into account this larger framework.

A Portrait of Pentecost

The purpose of this essay is to paint a portrait of the 21st century Pentecostal. What does one look like exactly?  Do we dare study this face? Can he/she be recognized by the similar birthmarks of the Pentecostal of the first century and/or the past century?

Familiar Bible Phrases Quiz

This is a Bible knowledge self-quiz. From the list below, pick the book, chapter and verse which matches each verse (or partial verse).

Bible Intelligence Quiz A

This is Quiz A in a series of five quizzes of 30 questions each to test your knowledge of the Bible. For a real challenge, take all five at one setting—it will take you about an hour. The tests are lettered “A” through “E” and each set is comprised of different questions. After completing each BIQ, you can find the answers with the help of your Bible, a concordance or a Bible dictionary.

Maxim of the Moment

Love’s demise is indifference.