Miraculous Miracles

Extract the miracles from God’s Word and you are left with a lifeless, boring book.

The Holy Spirit: God’s Best GIft

People are in need of an honest friend to teach God’s Word truthfully and effectively. It is essential a mentor be available to effectively communicate spiritual truth. One must be found who understands challenges specific to all peoples. A leader who can competently advise others today must possess the three key elements of ability, authority, and accessibility.

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are also known as “The Decalogue.” In Greek, they are called the “Deka logos” or “The Ten Words.”  They are instructions for the good life—the God life.

The Covenant of Marriage

In a covenant, two parties reciprocally bind themselves together in the most intimate, enduring and sacred of all pacts. Every culture on earth has some form of covenanting. Through the symbolic actions of the ceremony, two lives are joined as one. Covenanting forms a relationship that is closer than even blood relatives. Those who covenant enjoy an added sense of security, for they are not alone as they face life’s challenges.

Maxim of the Moment

You can’t go forward looking backwards. - Tommy Barnett