Rizpah: Vigilant Sentinel

This noble woman suffers because of Saul’s transgressions, not her own. But she perseveres despite horrific obstacles.

Samaritan Woman and the Seventh Man

The Son of God was not afraid to place Himself in a racist and sexist situation. By meeting with the woman at the well of Sychar, He created an opportunity to demonstrate the total absence of ethnic or gender bias on His part.

Jesus: His Dynamic Characteristics

The Lord Jesus is the most phenomenal individual in world history. His legacy does not just survive—it thrives. Jesus stands alone in history as Truth Incarnate. His popularity two millennia after His resurrection can only be explained by the fact He lives today.

Moses: Patriarch or Pentecostal?

The prophets of Numbers 11 and the prophetic office in general can only be understood against the terrible background of human sin.

Maxim of the Moment

If you risk nothing, you risk everything. - Geena Davis