“Word” Working – Various Biblical Topics

Using a Concordance, answer the questions below on various Biblical topics.

1.  Name the three sons of Benjamin listed in Genesis.______________________________
2.  What was the title and position of the woman named Candice?_____________________
3. What type of fruit was used as a design on the priests’ garments?____________________
4. What was unusual about the people known as the Zamzummites?____________________
5. What boy-king had to be hidden in a room for 6 years to escape the wrath of his wicked grandmother? ____________________________
6. Who were Jannes and Jambres?____________________________________________
7. Where in the Bible is bad breath mentioned?_______________________________
8. Who killed 300 men with his own spear?________________________
9. Who drove his chariot furiously?____________________________
10. Name the left-handed Benjamite who killed King Eglon?_____________________
11. What Bible character had his lips touched with a hot coal?____________________
12. What man in the Bible grew hair like eagle feathers and nails like bird claws? __________________
13. What event caused a donkey’s head to be sold for 80 pieces of silver? _________________________________
14.  Who got so hungry she ate her own boy?_________________________
15. Joses, Simon, Judas and James were all relatives of what man?_________________
16.  Which prophet wrote of a girl being traded for wine?_____________________
17. Who asked God to put his tears in a bottle?_____________________________
18. Of all the books in the Bible, which one does not contain the name of God?__________
19. What Bible character had 15 years added to his life?________________________
20.  Who said “Eli, Eli, Lama sabachthani” – and what does this phrase mean? __________________________________________________________________________

Maxim of the Moment

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