“Word” Working – Miscellaneous Biblical Facts

Using a Concordance, answer the following questions from the Bible.

1. Who took a harlot for his wife and bought her with silver and grain?________________
2. Who is the first man in the Bible who had more than one wife?____________________
3. Who once referred to his wife as a “heifer”?___________________________
4. Where in the Bible is an army of 700 left-handed men mentioned?________________
5. Where in the Bible are golden mice mentioned?_______________________________
6. Who prophesied that a meat-eating animal would eat straw?______________________
7. What man used a stone for a pillow?_________________________
8. Name the two prophets who were burned alive for committing adultery._____________
9. In what book and chapter of the Bible do women have to shave their heads before they can get married?____________________________
10. Name the man who had about six pounds of his hair cut off annually.________________
11. In what chapter of the Bible is there a record of a man with at total of 24 fingers & toes?
12. Who took off his shoe to finalize a verbal contract?____________________
13. Whose shoes and clothing lasted 40 years without wearing out?__________________
14. Who cooked fish on a beach for his friends?________________________
15. What man was seduced by his daughter-in-law while she was in disguise?____________
16. Who, in the New Testament, ate a little book and got indigestion?___________________
17. Who, in the Old Testament, ate a little book and found it sweet?____________________
18. Where is capital punishment for an animal described?____________________________
19. In what Bible book is part of an animal skull used as a weapon?____________________
20. Where is it recorded that Jesus sang?_____________________

Maxim of the Moment

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