Solomon: An Overview via 20 Questions

1.Which book, Proverbs or Ecclesiastes, seems to describe man’s futile search for worldly wisdom?

2. According to the last few verses of I Kings 4, how many Proverbs does Solomon write?

3. Name Solomon’s father.  II Samuel 12:24

4. For how many years does Solomon reign as king?  I Kings 11:42

5. The terms “folly” and “under the sun” are common in which of these two books: Ecclesiastes or Song of Solomon?

6. Describe Solomon’s attitude toward God in his younger years.  I Kings 3:3
7. How many horse-stalls does Solomon have?  I Kings 4:26

8. How many men does Solomon involve in the Temple construction?  I Kings 5:13

9. What is the total number of wives and concubines Solomon has?  I Kings 11:3

10. According toI Kings 2:13, who is Solomon’s mother?

11. What does Nehemiah record concerning the life of Solomon in Nehemiah 13:26?

12. According to II Sam. 5:14, where is Solomon born?

13. What does God warn Solomon about in I Kings 9:6b?

14. How many sheep does Solomon offer at the Temple dedication?  I Kings 8:63  

15. How many oxen does Solomon offer at the Temple dedication?  I Kings 8:63

16. What does Jesus say concerning Himself and Solomon in Matt. 12:42?

17. What does Solomon ask God for in I Kings 3:9?

18. What does Steven say about Solomon in Acts 7:47?

19. According to John 10:23, is Solomon’s temple still standing in Jesus’ day….or has it been destroyed?

20. According to I Kings 10:1-10, who gives Solomon 10,000 talents of gold?

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