Isaiah BIble Search

1.  How many Assyrians did the angel of the Lord kill in one night?  37:36

2.  What is another name for the devil, given in Isaiah 14?

3.  What Egyptian river is named in chapter 51?

4.  What two animals are rebellious people compared to in chapter 1?

5.    In chapter 38, what king was told to prepare to die?

6.    How long did God tell Isaiah to go around barefoot? Chapter 20

7.    In chapters 1 and 13, Sodom and Gomorrah are mentioned.  True or False

8.  What shall bloom like a rose, according to chapter 35?

9.  What animal shall dwell in peace with the lamb one day?  11:6

10.  Who will be safe among snakes one day?  11:8

11.  Who was Isaiah referring to in Isaiah 50:6?

12.  According to 13:19-20, what city will never rise again?

13.  What nation will one day be gathered from the ends of the earth?  11:12

14.  What was the capital of Assyria in Isaiah’s day?  17:1

15.  Who showed the Babylonians all his treasures?  39:1-2

16.  According to Romans 10:20, who was very bold?

17.  According to 10:5, what nation will God use to punish Israel?

18.  What was Uriah’s occupation?  8:2

19.  In chapter 6, who said to the Lord, “Here am I: send me”?

20.  What chapter and verse from Isaiah is quoted in Matthew 1:23?

21.  Who is the rod and the branch referred to in Isaiah 11:1?

22.  What chapter from Isaiah did Jesus quote in the temple in Luke 4:18-19?

23.  What chapter in Isaiah was the eunuch reading in Acts 8:32-33?

24.  What chapter in Isaiah was Jesus quoting in Luke 19:46?

25.  What will one day sway back and forth like a drunkard?  24:20

26.  What word (Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:23) means “God with us”?

27.  Who did Hezekiah visit in II Kings 19:5?

28.  Who asked for a sign from Isaiah in II Kings 20:8?

29.  Name the two men who prayed in II Chronicles 32:20

30.  What did Jesus call the Pharisees, as He quoted Isaiah in Matthew 15:7?

31.  Name the four Judean kings during whose reigns Isaiah ministered. 1:1

32.  What has “enlarged itself” to receive the disobedient?  5:14

33.  Who is called to “wake up” in 51:17?

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