Romans 9: Israel’s rejection in relation to God’s sovereignty

1. The Jewish rejection was especially terrible because they had been so blessed.
      List some of their blessings from 9:4-5.

2. What was Paul burdened for?  (9:2)

3. Explain what Paul means when he writes that “they are not all Israel
      who are of Israel.” (9:6)

4. If we misunderstand God’s actions, what must we remember?  (Isaiah 55:8)

5. When we accept God’s gift of salvation, God will do what?  (Philippians 2:15)

6. What section of Romans (which 3 chapters) addresses the Jew’s position
      in the Kingdom of God? 

7. Explain the phrase in 9:8:  “the children of the promise are counted for the seed.”

8. Isaac’s mother was Sarah (9:8-10) 
        True or false.

9. Jacob served Esau.    9:12-13 and Genesis 25:24-28
      True or false.

10. God’s mercy and my good works guarantee my salvation. 
      True or false. 
11. What does Paul prove by using Pharaoh as an illustration in 9:16-18?

12. Is it implied in 9:19-23 that the Potter makes a vessel only to destroy it? Explain.

13. Who is “Osee?”  (KJV)  (9:25)

14. Whose children are we?  (9:26)

15. Who is “Esaias?”  (KJV)  (9:27)

16.  Who is the “remnant” today?
17. Research and define the term “Lord of Sabaoth.”  (KJV)  9:29

18. Why have so many Jews failed to receive God’s righteousness?

19. Research and define the phrase “stumbling stone.”

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