Romans 8: Our freedom in Christ

1. Now that you’re saved, how will you not walk?  (8:1)

2. If we confess our sins, what will God do?  ( I John 1:9)

3.  Research and define the word “flesh.”  (8:1)

4. Humans are divided into two classes in 8:5: what are they?

5. To be spiritually minded is what two things?  (8:6)

6. What can’t people do who are “in the flesh” ?  (8:8)

7. By what two names is the Holy Spirit called in 8:9?

8. What will the power that raised Jesus from the dead do for us? (8:11)

9.  Research and define the word “quicken.”  (8:11)

10. According to 8:12-13,who do we now owe and not owe?

11. To obey the Spirit is evidence that a person is what?  (8:14)

12. How can we know for sure we are now God’s children?  (8:16)

13. Research and define the term “Abba, Father.”  Where else is this term used?

14. What will we be delivered from?  (8:21)

15. According to Philippians3:21, how will Jesus change our bodies?

16. According to 8:27, what is the Spirit always doing for us?
      Write a paragraph concerning this.

17. Only under what conditions do “all things “work together for good” ?  (8:28)

18. What are we destined to do in our new lives?  (8:29)

19. Who will try to accuse us?  8:33 and Revelation 12:9-10

20. What does Jesus’ blood do for us? (I John 1:7)

21. Where is Jesus now and what is He doing for us?  (8:34)

Maxim of the Moment

The height of your accomplishment will equal the depth of your convictions. - William Scolavi