Romans 7: Our freedom from Moses’ law

1. Now that we are dead to our old lives, who should we be married to? (7:4)

2. What are we now to produce for the Lord?  (7:4)

3. What controlled our old lives?  (7:5)

4. Who is the “agent” who helps us in our new lives?

5. In 7:7, Paul tells us that the law is sin.
      True or false. Explain your answer.

6. What shows that covetousness is sin?  (7:7 and 12)

7. God’s laws were given to show what sin is and what it is not.
    True or false.  Explain your answer.

8. In 7:12, what words does Paul use to describe the Law? 

9. The law shows me how bad sin really is.
      True or false.

10. In 7:15-17, Paul describes the normal daily life of the Christian.
        True or false.

11. What is good about my old sinful nature?

12. In my old life, even when I wanted to do good, what happened?  (7:18)

13. What two “laws” does Paul say are at work in 7:21-23?

14. How happy was Paul in his old life?  (7:24)

15. In 7:24, Paul asks who could deliver him from sin. In 7:25,
      he shows that deliverance comes through what?

16.  The exact same struggles of the old life are also normal in your new life in Christ.
      True or false.  Read I John 1:7 and explain your answer.

17. Now that you’re saved, you can no longer be tempted.
      True or false.   Read Galatians 6:1 and explain your answer.

18. According to Hebrews 13:21, how is God working in your life now?

19. Now that you are born-again, how is God working in your life?

20.  Research and define the word “concupiscence.”

21. What two laws are mentioned in 8:2?

22. What can now be brought into “captivity?”  (II Corinthians 10:5)

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