Romans 5: Freedom from God’s wrath

1. Research and define the word “tribulation.”  (5:3)

2. Being now justified by faith, what do we have?  (5:1)

3. Peter and others were able to glory (rejoice) in what?  5:3 and Acts 5:41

4. Where were Paul and Silas when they sang?  (Acts 16:25)

5. What do we rejoice in?  (5:2)

6. What do we glory in?  (5:3)

7. What effect should this hope have upon us?  (5:5)

8. What did Jesus do for the ungodly?  (5:6)

9. What does the Holy Spirit spread in our hearts?  (5:5)

10. Although we are sinners, what did Christ do?  (5:8)

11. According to John 15:13, God’s love is demonstrated how?

12. If we could “earn” grace, it wouldn’t be grace.
      Explain this statement.

13. What do we joy in?  (5:11)

14. Death is a result of what? (5:12)

15. Fully explain the meaning of verse 12.

16.  According to 5;16, what will God’s judgment bring on the sinner?
      What do we actually get when we receive salvation?

17. Because Adam sinned, all humans must sin.
        True or False.  Explain.

18. Research and define the word “transgression.”

19. Explain what Paul means in 5:6-7.

Maxim of the Moment

A bad husband cannot be a good man.