Romans 4: The Old Testament illustrates God’s redemptive plan

1. The promise of blessing to Abraham and his descendants was not based
      on the works of the law…but on what?  (4:13-16)

2. What purpose did the law serve?  (4:15)

3. The law shows us what sin really is.  True or False.

4. Who are the true children (descendants) of Abraham?  Why?

5. Abraham’s faith was counted to him for what?  (4:22)

6. What two things didn’t bother Abraham?  (4:19)

7. Abraham believed that what God had _____________

      He was also able to______________.

8. Because of Jesus’ work on the Cross, where can we now come
    boldly to and why? (Hebrews 4:14-16)

9. God’s promises to Abraham didn’t come through the Law,
      but through what?  (4:13)

10. Was Abraham circumcised before or after God called Him?  (4:9-12) 
        Explain why this is is an important point.

11.  Research and define the word “counted”, as it is used in 4:3.

12.  Research and define the word “impute.”  (4:8)

13.  Research and define “reckoned.”  (4:9-10)

14. How old was Sarah when she became pregnant with Isaac?  (Gen. 17:17)

15. What did she do when the angel said she would have a son? (Gen. 18:12-15)

16. Concordance Work: Count the number of times “righteousness” and “righteous”
        are used in the book of Romans.
        What conclusions can be drawn by their frequent usage?

17. What Old Testament book, chapter and verses does Paul quote in Romans 4:7-8?

18.  When Paul writes concerning “the circumcision,” he is referring to the Jews.
        True or false.

19. When Paul writes concerning “the uncircumcision,” he is referring to the Gentiles.
        True or false.

20. In 4:11, Paul uses two short words to describe the mark of circumcision.
        What are they?

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