Romans 2: The impartiality of God’s law

1. What human being has a good reason to judge/condemn another person?  (2:1)

2. On what basis does God judge all men?

3. The goodness of God leads men to what?  (2:4)

4. Research and define the word “impenitent.”

5. Does the doctrine of salvation encourage “loose living?” (2:8-9) Explain.

6. True or False:  A person can be saved by listening to the law.  Explain your answer.

7. Research and define the word “contentious.”

8. None can be saved without Christ. Explain why from Acts 4:12 and John.14:6

9. Research and define the word “indignation.”

10. Fully explain Paul’s remarks in 2:1 via the use of commentaries.

11 According to Acts 10:42, who will judge both the living and the dead?

12. Where is the best place for the Law to be written?  (2:15)

13. Before we teach others, who must first be taught?  (2:21)

14. What do Romans 2:1 and 2:22-23 have in common?

15. What kind of “circumcision” was supposed to be an aspect of physical circumcision
      as a sign of the covenant relationship. 
    (Read Deuteronomy 30:6,  Deuteronomy 10:16 and Romans 2:29)

        (Circumcision of_____________________)

16. Explain more completely your answer for # 15.
      What can the 21st century Christian learn from this truth?

Those who trust in the law for salvation believe that they themselves are:

17. “Guides of the______________________________”

18. “Instructors of______________________________”

19.  “Teachers of_______________________________”

20.  Research and define the word “sacrilege.”  (v.22)

21.  Research and define the words “blasphemed/blasphemy.”  (v.24)

22.  Explain what Paul meant about “being a Jew inwardly”.  (v 25-29)


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