Romans 15: Walk in Christian unity

1. Who does the Old Testament predict will one day enjoy the blessings of God,
        just like the Jews did?  (15:9-12)

2. All believers should be filled with what and abound in what?  (15:13)

3. A “stronger” Christian is one who has been saved longer than a “weaker.” Christian.
      True or false. 

4. Explain what Paul means by “weaker” Christians?

5. According to 15:4, why did God give us the Old Testament?

6. Who is Paul quoting…and why…in 15:3?

7. Explain what Paul means when he writes in 15:8 “Jesus Christ was
      a minister of the circumcision?” 

8. What must a non-Jew glorify God for?  (15:9)


Name the person, providing book, chapter and verse for each of the following:

9. Who does Paul quote in 15:9?

10. Who does Paul quote in 15:10?

11. Who does Paul quote in 15:11?

12. Who does Paul quote in 15:12?

13. Who does Paul quote in 15:21?


14. According to 15:13, through what do we abound in hope?

15. To what group of people did Paul feel called to minister?

16. Where did Paul plan to travel to before coming to Rome?  (15:24)

17. What was Paul bringing with him to Rome?

In the KJV, there are four titles of God in Chapter 15:  list them.

18.  “The God of__________________”  (v.5) 
19.  “The God of__________________”  (v.5)

20.  “The God of__________________”  (v.13)

21.  “The God of__________________”  (v.33)


Maxim of the Moment

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