Romans 14: Our Christian responsibilities to weaker brethren

1. In 14:2, is Paul saying it is a sin to eat vegetables?

2. Paul says we are not to judge who or what in 14:4 and 14:10?

3. What must we do before we eat?  (14:6)

4. In death or life, as a born-again Christian, to whom do I belong? (14:8)

5. In front of whom will all humans stand one day?  (14:10)

6. What passage from Isaiah does Paul quote in 14:11?

7. According to Philippians 2:10-11, what will happen on judgment day?

8. Read Romans 14:17 and 21. List two things that could
      be “stumbling blocks” to other Christians.

9. Research and define Romans 14:14-23 and explain
      how “meat,” as it’s used here (KJV),
        could be a “stumbling block”  (See also I Corinthians 10:25-32)

10. Consider this hypothetical situation: 
    You cut your grass on Sunday.
        It doesn’t bother you, but your neighbor, who is a new Christian, is shocked and feels
          no work of any kind should be done on Sunday.
              If your neighbor confronted you about this, based on what you’ve learned from
                    Chapter 14, what would you tell him….and why?

11. According to Romans 14:17, of what three things
      does the Kingdom of God consist? 

12. Consider this hypothetical situation:
          You are married and have three children.
            You take your family to see a “PG” rated film.
                A new Christian in your church confronts you the next Sunday
                  and tells you that “when we get saved, we must give up going to movies.”
                    What do you tell her or him….and why?

13. Consider this hypothetical situation:
      You have been a Christian for many years.
          You talk a lot with your friends during the church service.
            A new Christian tells you that you are disrespectful to God
                and to His house. What would you tell him or her?


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