Romans 10: Israel is responsible for her own rejection

1. What is the desire of Paul’s heart?  (10:1)

2. What were the Jews ignorant of?  (10:3)

3. What were the Jews trying to do?  (10:3)

4. How does God view self-righteousness?  (Isaiah 64:6)

5. What does Jesus say the hypocrites were like?  (Matthew 23:27)

6. What passage in Leviticus is Paul quoting in 10:5?

7. This phony “righteousness” is the opposite of the righteousness established by whom?  (10:3)

8. We must confess Jesus as what in order to be saved?  (10:9)

9. From John 20:31, what is essential to believe about Jesus and God?

10. When we believe in Jesus, we will not be what?  (10:11)

11. Why was Jesus raised from the dead?  (4:25)

12. What must we now do with our hearts and mouths?  (10:10)

13. Paraphrase Luke 6:45 in your own words.

14. What difference is there between Jews and Gentiles concerning
        human sinfulness before God?  (3:22-23)

15. How does 10:13 prove He puts no distinction between Jews and Gentiles?

16. Can we expect others to be saved if we don’t witness?  (10:14)    Explain why.

17. Just how patient is God with sinners? (10:21)

18. What does God say concerning those who witness for Him?  (10:15)

19. What can we expect from most of the people we
      witness to?  (John. 15:18-21 & Rom. 10:16)

20. How does faith grow in the human heart?  (10:17)

Maxim of the Moment

I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate. - George Burns