Romans 1: The hopelessness of all human beings without Christ

  Take time to pray and meditate
        on your responses as you work through
          the 16 chapters of Romans


1. Paul considered himself a _____________of Jesus Christ. (1:1)

2. The book of Romans is addressed to whom?  (1:7)

3. What did Paul do continually?  (1:9)

4. What was Paul’s long-standing desire?  (1:11)

5. What was he ready to do?  (1:15)

6. Why was Paul unashamed of the Gospel message?  (1:16)

7. Although the Gospel is “foolishness” to the unsaved, what is it
    to the redeemed?  (see I Corinthians 1:18, 24)

8. By what are we justified?  (3:28)

9. What do we live by?  (1:17)

10. In 1:18, we see God’s righteousness is revealed, but what else is revealed?

11. What proves there is an all-wise and all-powerful God?

12. Even when men see the evidence of God’s existence,
    what causes them to turn their backs on Him?  (1:21)

13. Research and Define the phrase in 1:28, “a reprobate mind.” 
        What causes a person to become reprobate?

14. Trace or draw a small map of Italy and pinpoint the city of Rome.

15. Research and define the word “righteousness.”

16. What similar phrase is used in 1:24, 26 & 28?

17. Which two cities, as recorded in Genesis, were destroyed because of the
      same sins listed in Romans 1:27?

18.  Research and define the word “maliciousness.”

19.  Research and define the word “malignity.”

20.  Research and define the word “implacable.”

Maxim of the Moment

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