Romans 1: The hopelessness of all human beings without Christ

  Take time to pray and meditate
        on your responses as you work through
          the 16 chapters of Romans


1. Paul considered himself a _____________of Jesus Christ. (1:1)

2. The book of Romans is addressed to whom?  (1:7)

3. What did Paul do continually?  (1:9)

4. What was Paul’s long-standing desire?  (1:11)

5. What was he ready to do?  (1:15)

6. Why was Paul unashamed of the Gospel message?  (1:16)

7. Although the Gospel is “foolishness” to the unsaved, what is it
    to the redeemed?  (see I Corinthians 1:18, 24)

8. By what are we justified?  (3:28)

9. What do we live by?  (1:17)

10. In 1:18, we see God’s righteousness is revealed, but what else is revealed?

11. What proves there is an all-wise and all-powerful God?

12. Even when men see the evidence of God’s existence,
    what causes them to turn their backs on Him?  (1:21)

13. Research and Define the phrase in 1:28, “a reprobate mind.” 
        What causes a person to become reprobate?

14. Trace or draw a small map of Italy and pinpoint the city of Rome.

15. Research and define the word “righteousness.”

16. What similar phrase is used in 1:24, 26 & 28?

17. Which two cities, as recorded in Genesis, were destroyed because of the
      same sins listed in Romans 1:27?

18.  Research and define the word “maliciousness.”

19.  Research and define the word “malignity.”

20.  Research and define the word “implacable.”

Maxim of the Moment

Faults are thick where love is thin.