Revelation 8:  The Seventh Seal and the First Four Trumpets

1. Heaven was ” silent ” for how long?    8:1

2. What did the angel offer in 8:3?

3. What word is thrice repeated by the angel in 8:13?


The “ Sounding of the Seven Trumpets ” are recorded throughout chapters 8-10.
  Using three to four different translations, sum up in a paragraph what took place when
      each trumpet was sounded. Using Bible commentaries, seek to discover the meaning
        of the sounding each trumpet.

4.  1st Trumpet   Revelation 8: 7

5.  2nd Trumpet   Revelation 8:8-9

6   3rd Trumpet   Revelation 8:10-11

7.  4th Trumpet   Revelation 8:12-13


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