Revelation 5:  The Sealed Book

1.  What item was in the right hand of the person who sat on the throne?  5:1

2.  What question did the angel ask in 5:2?

3.  Who could be found who was worthy to do this – according to 5:3?

4.  What did John do in 5:4 and why?

5.  What did an elder say to John in 5:5?

6.  What is Jesus called in 5:5?

7.  What did John see in the midst of the throne in 5:6?

8.  What did the Lamb take out of the right hand of the person on the throne?  5:7

9.  Who fell down before the Lamb in 5:8?

10. According to 5:8, what do the gold vials full of fragrances symbolize?

11. What words are used to describe the world’s population in 5:9?

12. How does John describe the number of angels round the throne?  5:11

13. What word in 5:12 is also found in 4:11, 5:2 and 5:9?

14. List what the Lamb is worthy to receive, according to 5:12.

15. What phrase do all creatures shout in 5:13?

16. What do the four beasts say in 5:14?

17. What do the 24 elders do in 5:14?

18. From Strong’s Concordance, count the total number of times the words
      worship and worshipped are used in Revelation.
          What does this suggest?

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