Revelation 3: Messages to Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea

Some research will help you gain an understanding of the seven cities which contain the
    seven churches the book of Revelation is addressed to.

      Discover information in Bible Dictionaries which describe the character of the people
          in these particular congregations.

1.  Ephesus

2   Smyrna

3.  Pergamos

4.  Thyatira

5.  Sardis

6.  Philadelphia

7.  Laodicea

8.  In 3:1, how does Jesus describe Himself?

9.  What warning does Jesus give the Sardis church in 3:2?

10. What specific instructions does Jesus give them in 3:3?

11. What have some members of the Sardis church not done?  3:4

12. What promise does Jesus give to overcomers in 3:5?

13. In 3:7, how does Jesus describe Himself to the church in Philadelphia?

14. What has this church not denied?  3:8

15. What promise does Jesus give concerning “ names ”  in 3:12?

16. According to 3:14, what kind of witness is Jesus?

17. What two conditions are preferable to being “ lukewarm ” ?

18. What’s the true spiritual condition of the church in Laodicea?

19.  According to 3:18, what three instructions does Jesus give to this church?

20.  Because Jesus loves you, what will He do?  3:19

21.  What must be your response to Jesus’ knock?  3:20

22.  What promise does Jesus give to overcomers in 3:21?

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