Revelation 21:  The New Heaven and Earth….and the New Jerusalem

1.  What did John see in 21:1?

2.  What did John see in 21:2?

3.  According to 21:4, what will God wipe away?

4.  What things will not be in heaven?

5.  What will Jesus make new?    21:5?

6.  What will we inherit?  21:7

7.  To whom will God give the water of life?  21:6

8.  Who will end up in the lake of fire?  21:8

9.  In 21:9, what did the angel want to show John?

10.  What did the angel actually show John in 21:10?

11.  What is written on the gates?  21:12

12.  What is written on the foundation?  21:14

13.  What cab be noted regarding the length, breadth and height of the city?  21:16

14.  What are the foundations of the wall made of?  21:19

15.  What is each gate made from?  21:21

16.  Describe the city streets.  21:21

17.  Why is there no temple there?  21:22

18.  What lights up the city?    21:23

19.  What will never be shut there?  21:25

20.  Who are the city’s only inhabitants?  21:27

21. Is your name writen there as well?

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