Revelation 2:  Messages to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos and Thyatira

1. What is written about Jesus in Revelation 2:1 that is verified in 1:13 and 16?

2. What four churches are mentioned in 2:1, 8, 12, and 18?

3. What did the town clerk say about Ephesus in Acts 19:35?

4. What phrase did the people continue to shout in Acts 19:28 and 35?

5. To whom did Paul address his letter to the Ephesians?  Ephesians 1:1

6. According to 2:2, what does Jesus know about the Ephesian church?

7. What had the Ephesian church departed from?  2:4

8. According to 2:6, what did Jesus and the Ephesian church hate?

9. What phrase is stated to each of the seven churches?  (Chapters 2 and 3)

10. What will the Ephesian church receive, if they overcome?  2:7

11. How does Jesus refer to Himself in 2:8?

12. What does Jesus know about the church in Smyrna?

13. According to 2:10, what will the devil do to some of them?

14. According to 2:10, what will we receive, if we are faithful unto death?

15. List three other things we will receive if we are
        faithful (II Timothy 4:8, James 1:12, and I Peter 5:4)

16. What two things that Jesus wears are contrasted
        in Matthew 27:29 and Revelation 14:14?

17. What will not hurt the overcomers?  2:11

18. How does Jesus describe Himself in 2:12?

19. According to 2:13, what did the church at Pergamos “ hold fast ” ?

20 From Bible dictionaries, from Revelation 2:14, and from Numbers Chapters 22-31,
    describe the character of Balaam. 

21. According to 2:17, what privilege will overcomers have?

22. From 2:18, describe Jesus’ eyes and feet.

23. What does Jesus know about the church at Thyatira?

24. Jezebel is mentioned in Revelation 2:20. From I Kings 19:1-3:
      who fled from her and why?

25. According to 1 Kings 21:23, how did Jezebel die?

26. According to 2:23, what does Jesus search?

27. According to 2:26 and 28, what will over comers receive?

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