Revelation 13:  The Beast from the Sea and from the Earth

1.  Where did the beast arise from?  13:1

2.  What is the similarity between Daniel 7:4-6 and Revelation 13:1?

3. What two creatures are worshipped in 13:4?

4. What question is asked in 13:4?

5. What word is repeated three times in verses 5-6?

6. In 13:7, who does the beast make war with?

7. What book is referred to in verse 8?

8. Who will worship the beast, according to 13:8?

9. What does Jesus say in Matthew 26:52 that is also in Revelation 13:10?

10. What phrase in Revelation Chapters 2-3 is repeated in 13:9?

11. What great wonder is described in 13:13?

12. What happened to those who would not worship the beast?  13:15

13. What two parts of the body are mentioned in 13:16?

14. What is the number of the beast?  13:18?

Maxim of the Moment

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