Revelation 10: The Little Book

1. Using various translations, sum up what took place when this final
    trumpet was sounded.    10:7 and 11:15-19  

2. Where were the angel’s feet placed?    10:2

3. What was John forbidden to do?    10:4

4. What did John take from the angel?  10:9

5. What was Ezekiel required to do (Ezekiel 3:1-3) that John was
      required to do in Revelation 10?

6. What was different concerning the effects of John’s scroll
      in Revelation 10:10 and Ezekiel’s in Ezekiel 3:3?

7. What was John commanded to do concerning
      the Seven Thunders in 10:4?

8. What is John told he must do “ again ”    10:11

Maxim of the Moment

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