Philippians 4: Peace With One Another and Peace With God

1. According to 4:1, how are we to stand? 
      Is your stand for the Lord firmer than a year ago?
          In what specific ways?

2. Read 4:6. Make a list of the things you tend to be overconcerned about.
      What things worry you or make you stressed?

3. Define the word pessimist from Webster’s.

4. Define the word optimist from Webster’s.

5. With these two definitions in mind, why is optimism so important in the Christian life?

6. Define the word worry from Webster’s.
      This word can’t be found in Bible dictionaries because
            the word worry isn’t in the Word of God.

7. Give an instance in your life when having a positive attitude
        helped you to deal with a difficult situation.

8. Read Isaiah 48:22 and type/write out this verse.

9. Now type/write out Philippians 4:7.

10. Meditate on these verses. What is the difference between these verses?

11. What negative thoughts have you ever allowed to dominate your thinking?

12. Philippians 4:7-8 tells us that the peace of God will guard our hearts.
    Type/write out three verses in which Jesus Himself used the word ” peace ” .

13. According to 4:9, what should be the result of our new thought life?

14. Our society often seems stressed out.  According to 4:11, what is
      Paul’s solution to worry?

15. What must accompany prayer and supplication?  4:6

16. Compare 2:2 and 4:2. What does Paul want these two women to do?

17.  Define the term peacemaker from Matthew 5:9

18. Define yokefellow.  4:3

19. Define forbearance (4:5)

20. Read 4:9. How could Paul set forth his own life as an example of how others should live?

21. Read 4:10 and 4:17-18. If Paul had really learned how to “be content,” why
          did this gift of money bring him joy? 

22. Read 4:18. What does Paul mean by “an odor of a sweet smell?”

23. Read 4:11-13. Why didn’t his physical needs seem to worry Paul?

24. Read 4:11-13 again. How does gaming – the get-rich-quick philosophy – compare
          with Paul’s thoughts here?

25. Read 4:17-19. What does Paul expect the Philippians to receive in return
            for their generosity toward him?

26. Read James 2:14-17. Type/write out this verse.
        What needs can you meet, or have you already met,
            through your ministry opportunities?

27. Read 4:6. What does Paul say we must do after our needs have been met?


In each of the following verses, tell why Paul was already joyful:

28.  Phil. 1:18

29.  Phil. 2:2

30. Phil. 3:1

31. Phil. 4:1


32. From reading 1:12 and 4:11-13, state things you can
      learn concerning suffering.

33. Read 1:6, 2:13, 3:12-14, 3:21 and 4:7.
      State some things you can learn about God being at work in our lives.

34. Define abased. (4:12)

Maxim of the Moment

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