Matthew 26:  The Precious Ointment, The Last Supper and Gethsemane

1. Why did the scribes and the Pharisees take Jesus on the feast day? 

2. What was that great feast day?

3. What did Jesus say to the disciples who were displeased with the woman anointing Jesus’ feet with oil?

4.  Which disciple betrayed Jesus and for how much?

5.  What were the two emblems eaten at the Last Supper and what did they represent?

6.  Where did Jesus take the disciples to pray?

7.  Who came to arrest Jesus in the garden and what did they come with?

8.  When the two false witnesses accused Jesus of destroying the temple and rebuilding it in three days, what did Jesus do?

9.  What did they do to Jesus when they found him guilty of death?

10. Which disciple followed Jesus to the Palace and what did he do three times?

11.  How did this disciple react after the cock crew?


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