Mark 9: The Transfiguration;  Teaching on Humility

1. In 9:3, what happened to Jesus’ clothing?

2. Name the two Old Testament men who appeared beside Jesus.  9:4

3. On the mount of Transfiguration, who suggested three tabernacles be built?  9:5

4. What was the emotional condition of Peter, James and John?  9:6

5. What came forth from a cloud during the Transfiguration?  9:7

6. Concerning the Son of God, what we commanded to do?  9:7

7. Peter, James and John were commanded not to tell what they had seen on
      the mount of Transfiguration…..until after what event?  9:9

8. In 9:10, what was the topic of discussion among the disciples? 

9. What prophet is named in 9:12?

10. What did this prophet predict would happen to the Messiah?  9:12

11. What was the attitude of the people toward Jesus in 9:15?

12. What could the disciples not do in 9:18?

13. What did the demon do to this boy in 9:22 and why?

14. According to 9:23, all things are possible in what condition?

15. Describe the emotional condition of the man in 9:24.

16. Who did Jesus address in 9:25?

17. What did Jesus say was necessary for this type of
      deliverance to take place? 9:29

18. What did Jesus predict would happen to Himself in 9:31?

19. What did the disciples argue about in 9:34?

20. What did Jesus say concerning the one who desired to be first?  9:35

21. Who did Jesus use as an object lesson in 9:36?

22. Which “John” is referred to in 9:38: John the Baptist or John the Apostle?

23. What will a person receive if they give a cup of water in Jesus name?  9:41

24. Who must we take care not to offend?  9:42

25. What does Jesus teach concerning “hands” in 9:43?

26. What does Jesus teach concerning “feet” in 9:45?

27. What does Jesus teach concerning “eyes” in 9:47?

28. What does not die in hell?  9:44, 46 and 48

29. According to 9:50, what are we to have with one another?

Maxim of the Moment

Divorces are often caused by two people madly in love with themselves.