Mark 7:  Healings of a Girl and a Deaf Mute

1. What was the attitude of the scribes and Pharisees in 7:1-2?

2. What did Jesus say about the mouth and the heart in 7:6?

3. What Old Testament prophet did Jesus quote in 7:6?

4. What did Jesus say concerning God’s commandments and
      men’s traditions?  Explain:  7:7-9

5. Who are we to honor in 7:10?

6. According to 7:13, what can make the Word of God non-effective?

7. What defiles a man?  7:15

8. What does Jesus say concerning ears in 7:16?

9. What defiles a man, according to 7:20?

10. From verses 21-22, list the things Jesus says proceed from the heart.

11. According to 7:23, what defiles a man?

12. What was the matter with the woman’s daughter in 7:25?

13. Was this woman a Jew or a Gentile?  7:26?

14. Who eats crumbs, according to 7:28?

15. What did the woman find out in 7:30?

16. What coast did Jesus come near in 7:31?

17. What was the man’s problem in 7:32?

18. Where did Jesus place His fingers in 7:33?

19. What word did Jesus say in 7:34?

20. What could the man now do?  7:35

21. According to 7:37, how does Jesus do things?

Maxim of the Moment

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