Mark 6:  Death of John the Baptist; The Feeding of 5,000

1. What day of the week did Jesus teach in the synagogue?  6:2

2. What was Jesus’ trade before He entered into His ministry?  6:3

3. List the four half-brothers of Jesus named in 6:3.

4. Who is without honor in his own country?  6:4

5. What type of miracles is mentioned in 6:5?

6. What did Jesus do in the villages according to 6:6?

7. What did Jesus marvel at in 6:6?

8. Who did Jesus give his disciples power over in 6:7?

9. What one object did Jesus allow His disciples to take with them
      when He sent them out to minister?  6:8

10. What infamous cities are mentioned in 6:11?

11. What symbolic gesture were the disciples to perform in towns that
      would not accept the Gospel message?  6:11

12. What is the basic message that they preached?  6:12

13. What two types of miracles are listed in 6:13?

14. Who did Herod think was raised from the dead in 6:14-16?

15. Who had married his brother’s wife in 6:14?

16. Name the first husband of Herodias.  6:17-18

17. Who did Herodias want to kill in 6:19?

18. Who buried John the Baptist?  6:29

19. What did Herod observe about John’s life in 6:20?

20. What was Herod’s attitude when he heard John speak? 6:20

21. What was Herod’s attitude when he had to fulfill his oath in 6:26?

22. According to 6:31, the disciples were so busy, they couldn’t do what?

23. Out of compassion, what did Jesus begin to do in 6:34?

24. What did the disciples want to do with the people in 6:36?

25. What did Jesus command His disciples to do in 6:37?

26. According to 6:43, how many baskets of leftovers remained?

27. Where did they sail to in 6:45?

28. What did Jesus do on the mountain in 6:46?

29. What did Jesus do in 6:48?

30. What happened as Jesus got into the boat in 6:51?

31. What was the problem with the disciples’ hearts in 6:52?

32. What did people seek to touch in 6:56?


Maxim of the Moment

Love is made sweet by compliments; not commands.