Mark 5:  Christ Heals the Demoniac and Jairus’ Daughter

1. Where had this man been living?  5:3

2. What could not be done to this man?  5:3

3. How was this man hurting himself? 5:5

4. This man ran to Jesus and told him to get out of his country.  5:6
        True or False? 

5. What title, in 5:7, did the man give to Jesus?

6. When Jesus asked the man his name in 5:9, what did he say?

7. How man pigs were there?  5:13

8. What was the new condition of this man in 5:15?

9. Where did Jesus tell this man he was to go?  5:19

10. Name the ruler of the synagogue in 5:22.

11. How long had the woman in verse 25 been suffering?

12. How old was Jairus’ daughter, according to Luke 8:42?

13. What did the woman (5:27-28) do?

14. What did Jesus ask in 5:30?

15. According to 5:35, what was the condition of Jairus’ daughter?

16. Name the other two persons Jesus raised from
        the dead.  Luke 7 and John 11

17. Which three disciples went with Jesus up on the mountain?  Matthew 17:1

18. Which three disciples accompanied Jesus in Mark 5:37?

19. Which three did Jesus take with Him further into the Garden? Matthew 26:37

20. What was the crowd’s response in 5:40?

21. What was the girl’s response in 5:42?

22. What command did Jesus give in 5:43?

Maxim of the Moment

Marry for money and you’ll starve for love.