Mark 3:  Disciples Called;  Christ Accused of Being Demon Possessed

1. What handicap did the man have in 3:1?

2. Why were some so interested in Jesus actions? 3:2

3. What command did Jesus give to the man in 3:3?

4. What did Jesus would-be accusers say in 3:3?

5. What caused Jesus to be angry in 3:5?

6. Which seems easier for Jesus to deal with: hard-hearts or withered hands?  Why?

7. What did Jesus ask the man to do?  3:5

8. Why did the Herodians and Pharisees meet? 3:6

9. Who followed Jesus in 3:7?

10. What had people heard about Jesus in 3:8?

11. What object did Jesus preach from in 3:9?

12. What did People want to do to Jesus in 3:10?

13. Who confessed Jesus as the Son of God in 3:11?

14. How many men did Jesus ordain in 3:14?

15. For what three reasons, according to verses 14-15, did Jesus send these men forth?

16. What new name did Jesus give Simon in 3:16?

17. What nick-name did James and John get in 3:17?

18. The crowds were so great, what could Jesus and the disciples not do?  3:20

19. Why were Jesus’ friends concerned about Him? 3:21

20. What did they accuse Jesus of having?  3:22

21. What question did Jesus ask in 3:23?

22. What will happen to a “divided house?”  3:25

23. According to 3:29, what sin is unpardonable?  Why?

24. Who came to visit Jesus in 3:31?

25. According to 3:35, who are the true brothers, mother and sisters of Jesus?

Maxim of the Moment

Success is getting up one more time than the number of times you fall down. - Julie Bowden