Mark 2:  Levi is Called;  Teachings on Fasting;  The Sabbath Controvery

1. Where did Jesus go in 2:1?

2. How did people bring their handicapped friend to Jesus? 2:4

3. How did Jesus address the man in 2:5?

4. What did Jesus know about the scribes, according to 2:8?

5. What can Jesus do, according to 2:10?

6. Where did Jesus instruct the man to go in 2:11?

7. What did Jesus do by the sea side in 2:13?

8. What did Jesus say to Levi in 2:14?

9. Who also began to follow Jesus?  2:15

10. Who objected to the company Jesus kept in 2:16?

11. Who did Jesus come to call and why?  2:17
12. According to 2:20, when will people begin to fast?

13. What do people not do?  2:21   Why?

14. What else do people not do? 2:22   Why?

15. What did the disciples do in 2:23?

16. What Old Testament character does Jesus refer to in 2:25?

17. What was eaten in 2:26?

18. According to 2:28, who is the Lord of the Sabbath?

Maxim of the Moment

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