Mark 16: Christ’s Resurrection

1. Why did the holy women bring sweet spices? 16:1

2. What did the women notice about Jesus tomb in 16:4?

3. Who did the women see at Jesus’ tomb?  v. 5

4. According to Matthew 28:2, who actually rolled the stone away?

5. According to Matthew 28:5, who was the “young man” mentioned in Mark 16:5?

6. Describe, from 16:8, the emotional state of the women.

7. Who was the first human being that Jesus appeared to? 16:9

8. Describe the emotional state of the disciples in 16:10.

9. How did the disciples receive the news concerning Jesus resurrection? 16:11

10. According to Luke 24:11, how did the disciples receive the
      news concerning Jesus’ resurrection?

11. Describe Jesus attitude toward those who didn’t believe
          what the women had told them.  16:14

12. What did Jesus command us to do in 16:15?

13. According to Matthew 28:19, what are we to do in the name of the Trinity?

14. According to Matthew 28:20, what are we to teach?

15. According to Mark 16:17, what shall we do in the name of Jesus?

16. List the three promises contained in 16:18.

17. After His resurrection, how many days did Jesus remain on earth?  Acts 1:3

18. According to Acts 1:8, how shall we receive the power to witness?

19. According to Acts 1:4-5, what were the disciples commanded to wait for?

20.According to Mark 16:19 where did Jesus go?

21. After the resurrection, where did the disciples preach? 16:20

22. How was it confirmed that Jesus was still working with them as
        they traveled and preached? 16:20



If you have ” Walked-thru ” all 16 chapters in Mark,
  you have completed 385 questions.

We trust you have been blessed in your spiritual journey.

Your comments are always welcome.

                                Dr. John & Doris Knoles



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