Mark 15:  Christ’s Roman Trial;  His Crucifixion and Burial

1. What ruler was Jesus delivered to?  15:1

2. What question did this ruler ask Jesus?  15:2

3. What response did Jesus give to this ruler?  v. 3 and 5

4. What crime had Barabbas committed?  v. 7

5. Read John 19:21-22 and Mark 15: 9, 26.
      By what title did this ruler seem determined to call Jesus?

6. What was the motive behind the actions of the chief priests?  15:10

7. Who did the chief priests want released?  v. 11

8. What did the people want done to Jesus?  v. 13

9. What question(s)  did Pilate ask in verse 14?

10. According to 15:15, what was done to Jesus prior to His crucifixion?

11. What else was done to Jesus in Isaiah 50:6 which is
        not recorded in Mark 15:19?

12. By what title did the soldiers call Jesus?  15:18

13. Who was forced to carry Jesus’ cross?  v. 21

14. What did Jesus refuse in 15:33?

15. What else did they try to make Jesus partake of in verse 36?

16. Write the chapter and verse from Isaiah which is quoted in John 15:28

17. What did people try to tempt Jesus to do in verse 30?

18.What was torn in two in verse 38?

19.Who made a confession of faith in verse 39?

20. According to verse 41, why did holy women follow Jesus?

21. Who went to Pilate in verse 43?

22. What did this man want Pilate to give to him?  v. 43

23. What did the two “Marys” mentioned in verse 47 observe?

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