Mark 14: The Last Supper; Gethsemane; The Jewish Trial

1. At which holy feast did the Scribes and Priests plan to kill Jesus?  14:1

2. The Pharisees decided not to kill Jesus on a feast day because
      they were afraid what might happen?  v. 2

3. What happened in the house of Simon the leper?  v. 3

4. What did some of the people have to say about what the woman did?  v. 4

5. What did some people say would have been a better use of the money?  v. 5

6. What did Jesus say to those who complained about the woman’s actions? v.6

7. What reason did Jesus give for the woman’s actions?  14:8

8. Who left the group to go find the Chief Priests and why? 14:10

9. Jesus sent two disciples to meet a man bearing a pitcher of water and do what? v. 13

10. What did Jesus need the use of the house for?  14:14

11. Jesus predicted that one of the disciples would do what?  v. 18

12. What question did the disciples ask Jesus in verse 19?

13. Did Jesus ever sing? 14:26

14. What mountain did they head for in verse 26?

15. What did Peter state in verse 29?

16. What did Jesus say He was going to do? v. 32

17. What did Jesus say concerning the Father’s will in verse 36?

18. How many times did Jesus come to His sleeping disciples?  v. 41

19. Who came with Judas to betray Jesus?  v. 43

20. How did the people identify Jesus?  v. 44

21. What did Jesus do daily in the Temple?  v. 49

22. What happened in verse 50?

23. What happened to the apostle John in verses 51-52?

24. Who followed Jesus from a distance?  vv. 53-54

25. How many honest witnesses came forward to accuse Jesus?  vv. 55-59

26. What did Jesus say to the high priest in verse 61?

27. What question did the high priest ask in verse 61?

28. What crime was Jesus accused of in verse 64?

29. What was their verdict concerning Jesus? v. 64

30. What did the people do to Jesus in verse 65?

31. Briefly describe what Peter did in verse 66-71.

32. When Peter thought about what he had done, what did he do? v. 72

Maxim of the Moment

Woman was formed by God - out of man's side to be equal, from under his arm for protection, and near his heart to be loved.