Mark 13:  Christ’s Olivet Discourse

1. To what building was Jesus referring when He said
      “ not one stone will be left upon another? ”  13:1-2

2. Name four disciples who asked Jesus concerning the sign of the end-times. 13:3

3. What did Jesus warn us about in 13:5?

4. Who will many men claim to be in the last days?  13:6

5. What are we not to be troubled about, according to 13:7?

6. Before the end comes, where must the Gospel first be preached? v. 10

7. According to 13:11, who will guide our speech when we are handed over to evil men?

8. According to 13:12, describe what will happen to families in the end-times.

9. According to 13:13, what is the reward for those who remain faithful to Jesus?

10. What Old Testament prophet is referred to in 13:14?

11. According to 13:21, what are we not to believe?

12. According to verses 24-25, what will happen in the heavens?

13. What is mentioned in 13:6 that is also referred to in 13:22?

14. What person will finally arrive, according to 13:26?

15. What type of tree is referred to in the parable in verses 28-29?

16. What will and what will not pass away according to 13:31?

17. Who alone knows the complete plan and time-table of the end-times? 13:32

18. Chapter13:36 concerns the topic of “watchfulness.”  True or False

19. What one-word command does Jesus give at the very end of this chapter?

Maxim of the Moment

The bonds of matrimony don’t profit you unless the interest is kept up.