Mark 12:  The Parable of the Vineyard

1. The parable of the vineyard was meant to expose
      the hypocrisy of what groups of people?  12:1-2

2. What happened to the vineyard owner’s son when he went to
      collect what was due?  12:8

3. What is said concerning the “rejected stone” in 12:10?

4. What did the Pharisees and Herodians seek to do in 12:13?

5. Jesus asked (12:14) if it was lawful to give tribute to whom?

6. What object did Jesus ask for in 12:15

7. At the end of verse 17, what is the reaction of the crowd?

8. According to 12:18, what group did not believe in the resurrection?

9.What Old Testament person is quoted in 12:19?

10. According to 12:20-23, how many men had had the same woman as a wife?

11. According to 12:24, it is a mistake to not know what?

12. According to 12:25, do people get married in heaven?

13. According to verse 30, how are we to love the Lord?

14. The second commandment Jesus gave concerns loving whom?

15. According to verse 34, who dared to ask Jesus any further questions?

16. What Old Testament person is mentioned in verses 34-35?

17.What group are we warned about in 12:38?

18. According to verse 40, what does this group love to “devour?”

19. What incident with Moses is referred to by Stephen in Acts 7:30?

20. Is this the same incident referred to by John in 12:26?

21. According to 12:43, who put more into the Temple treasury than anyone?

Maxim of the Moment

Marry for money and you’ll starve for love.