Mark 11: Christ’s Triumphal Entry;  Cleansing of the Temple

1. Who did Jesus send on an errand in 11:1?

2. The disciples were sent into town to do what?  11:2

3. What were the disciples told to say if anyone objected?  11:3

4. What city did Jesus ride into?  11:11

5. What did the people do and say in verses 8-9?

6. To what town did Jesus go next?  11:11

7. What did the fig tree not produce?  v. 13

8. What command did Jesus give in verse 14?

9. What action did Jesus take in verse 15?

10. Why did Jesus take this action?  v. 17

11. What emotion did Jesus express in verses 15-17?

12. What did Jesus say that the men had caused the Temple to become?  v. 17

13. How did the Scribes and Chief Priests react to the action Jesus took?  v.18

14. What astonished these people concerning Jesus?  v. 18

15. Who noticed the withered fig tree in 11:20?

16. What were the first four words Jesus spoke to Peter in verse 22?

17. To receive from God, what must we first do?  v. 24

18. In order to be forgiven, what must we first do?  v. 25

19. In verses 29-30, the question asked concerns John the Baptist.  True or False?

20. What answer did the Scribes and Priests give in verse 33?

21. In verse 28 and verse 33, the controversy centers around which of the following topics: 

A. Healing
B. Authority
C. Preaching
D. Samaritans

Maxim of the Moment

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