Mark 10:  Blind Bartimaeus is Healed

1. What did Jesus do for the people in 10:1?

2. What was the motive of the Pharisees in 10:2?

3. What displeased Jesus in 10:13-14?

4. In 10:16, what did Jesus do with the children?

5. According to 10:17, what did the man want to inherit?

6. What instructions did Jesus give the man in 10:21?

7. According to 10:23, what can hinder a person from entering the kingdom?

8. What does Jesus say concerning an animal in 10:25?

9. What does Jesus say concerning God in 10:27?

10. What disciple speaks in 10:28?

11. List the things Jesus predicted would happen to Himself in 10:33-34.

12. Which two disciples came to Jesus in 10:35?

13. What was their request?  10:37

14. According to 10:40, did Jesus grant their request?

15. What was the attitude of the other disciples
        toward these two disciples? 10:41

16. In 10:43, what does Jesus teach concerning ministry?

17. What are two things Jesus did for the human race?  10:45

18. Name the man by the side of the road in 10:46.

19. By what title does Jesus address Jesus in 10:47-48?

20. What did this man ask of Jesus in verses 47-48?

21. What did the crowd tell the man in verse 49?

22. What item did this man discard in 10:50?

23. What did this man say he wanted?  10:51

24. What did this man then do?  10:52

Maxim of the Moment

Woman was formed by God - out of man's side to be equal, from under his arm for protection, and near his heart to be loved.