Mark 1:  Christ’s baptism, His First Disciples, and Healings

1. Who was born first, Jesus or John the Baptist? 1:2-4

2. What was John the Baptist’s mission concerning the “path of Christ?”  1:3

3. What kind of “baptism” did John say Jesus would baptize us with? 1:8

4. Name Jesus’ hometown. 1:9

5. Who did John baptize in 1:9?

6. Where was he baptized? 1:9

7. Who spoke in 1:11 and what did he say?

8. Where did the Holy Spirit lead Jesus after His baptism? 1:12

9. For how many days was He there?  1:13

10. Who ministered to Him after these temptations?  1:13

11. After John was put in prison, where did Jesus go to preach? 1:14

12. What did Jesus say had arrived or was “at hand?” 1:15

13. What two brothers did Jesus meet at the Sea of Galilee? 1:16

14. What was the trade of these two brothers? 1:16

15. Jesus said if they followed Him, they would become what? 1:17
16. What did they leave behind them?  1:18

17. Who were the third and fourth followers Jesus met at Galilee? 1:19

18. What did Jesus do in Capernaum on the Sabbath day?  1:21

19. In what way was Jesus teaching different from that of the scribes? 1:22

20. Who did Jesus rebuke in 1:25?  Why?

21. What word, describing Jesus’ manner, is found in both verses 22 and 27?

22. What spread around the region in 1:28?

23. Who did Jesus heal in 1:31?

24. Who was brought to Jesus in the evening?  1:32

25. Who gathered at the door after Jesus healed her?  1:33

26. Who did Jesus forbid to speak in 1:34?

27. What did Jesus do very early the next morning? 1:35

28. Who came to Jesus in 1:40?

29. What did he want Jesus to do for him? 1:40

30. Who did Jesus tell the healed man to go and see and why? 1:44

31. What prophet is mentioned in 1:44?

32. What did the healed leper do in 1:45 that Jesus had told him not to do?

Maxim of the Moment

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