John 9: The man born blind

1. Research Exodus 20:5 and compare it with 9:2-3, using several commentaries.
    Why did the disciples assume sin was to blame for this blindness?

2.  (9:6)  What did Jesus make during the process of healing this man?

3. After comparing the use of clay/mud with Genesis 2:7, why do you think
    Jesus might have used clay/mud on this man’s eyes?

4.  (9:7)  Where did Jesus tell this man to wash?


Note: The blind man seems to slowly realize who Jesus really is.
      This “progressive awareness” seems to evolve throughout this chapter.
          Study the following verses and list how the man who had been blind
                speaks of Jesus in each of the following verses:

6.  (9:11)

7.  (9:17)

8.  (9:33)

9.  (9:37)


10. Explain why you think Jesus asked this man to wash in the pool of Siloam.
        What was Jesus motive?

11.  (9:13)  Where was the healed man taken?

12.  (9:18-20)  According to these verses, why did the Jews call
                  for the blind man’s parents?

13.  (9:14)  On what day of the week was this man healed?

14.  (9:28)  Who did the Jews claim to be the disciples of?

15.  (9:39)  What was the primary reason Jesus came into the world?

16.  (9:31)  What was wrong with the theology of the Pharisees?

17.  (9:24)  What part of the Pharisee’s statement is false?

18.  (9:22)  How had the Jews decided to punish anyone who said
            Jesus was the Messiah?  What happened in verse 34?

19.  According to 9:39-41, what was the real problem of the Pharisees?   

Maxim of the Moment

He who speaks ill of his wife dishonors himself.