John 8: The woman taken in adultery and Jesus’ diety

1. Research the Mount of Olives (also called Olivet).
    What took place there? What will happen there one day?

2. Research: The term Blasphemy
      Could a person be killed for this?
          For what reasons?

3.  (8:4) Who was accused in this verse?

4.  (8:5) According to the law, what was the punishment for this crime?

5.  Who was stoned……and why… Acts 7? 
6. Who was stoned……and why……in Acts 14?

7.  Who was stoned…..and why… Numbers 16:32-36?

8.  Who was stoned…..and why… Joshua 7:25

9.  Who was stoned…..and why… I Kings 21:13?

10. (8:7) How did Jesus avoid the trap His enemies set
          for Him here?  What did He say?

11. (8:11)  What did Jesus command this woman not to do?

12. (8:9)  How were the people convicted of their own sins?

13. According to Romans 2:15, what helps us know right from wrong?

14.  (8:31) If we continue in His Word, what are we?

15.  (8:23)  Jesus told the people He did not belong to what?

16.  (8:22)  Who thought Jesus was suicidal?

17.  (8:34) What does Jesus say concerning sinners in this verse?

18.  (8:51) What promise is given to those who obey Jesus? 

19.  (8:33) Who did the Jews boast they were the descendants of?

20. What does John the Baptist say concerning this boasting in Luke 3:8?

21.  (8:48) What did the Jews say Jesus had?

22.  (8:51) If you trust and obey the words of Jesus, what will you never see?

23.  (8:59) When the Jews tried to stone Jesus, what did He do?

Maxim of the Moment

You can’t go forward looking backwards. - Tommy Barnett