John 7: Christ’s opposition at the Feast of Tabernacles

1. (7:7) What is the attitude of most people toward Jesus?

2. (7:12)  What two different opinions concerning Jesus prevail?

3.  (7:19)  Which patriarch is credited for giving the law?

4.  (7:20)  What did the accusers of Jesus say He had?

5.  (7:23)  Why were these Jews upset with Jesus?

6. Research the Pharisees.
      Describe their beliefs.
          How did their views differ from Christ’s?

7. (7:32)  Who sent officers to arrest Jesus and why?

8.  (7:38-39)  What does this river symbolize?

9. Research the character of Nicodemus. 
      He appears in chapters 3, 7 and 19 of the Gospel of John. 
            Summarize his character.

10.  (7:50-51)  Who asked if the law could judge a person before
                  the one accused has a chance to be heard?


Maxim of the Moment

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