John 6: Christ feeds 5,000;  walks on water;  The Bread of LIfe discourse

1. (6:1) What do the Sea of Chinnereth, the Sea of Gennesaret and
        the Sea of Tiberias all have in common?

2. (6:8-9)  Which disciple knew about the boy who had the fish and bread?

3. Which Jewish feast day is mentioned in chapter six?

4.  (6:43) What did the Jews do in verse 41 that the Lord told
            them not to do in verse 43?

5.  (6:15) What honor did the people want to bestow upon Jesus after this miracle?

6.  (6:20) What did Jesus say to comfort His disciples in this verse?

7. Look up manna in Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias.
            Describe manna; how it looked; tasted; when it appeared
                  and did not appear, etc.

8. Give the spiritual significance of Manna; what it represents, etc.

9. Why did Jesus use this Old Testament illustration to
        make His point concerning the Bread of Life?  Explain fully.

10. (6:13)  How many baskets were left over?  How many disciples were there?

11. (6:37-38)  What did Jesus say He would never do to those who came to Him?

12.  (6:38)  Where did Jesus say He had come from?

13. (6:40)  What will Jesus do for believers on the last day?

14.  (6:47)  What do we get by believing on Jesus?

15.  (6:63)  When Jesus said “ the Spirit gives life ” what town was He in?

16.  (6:64)  What did Jesus “ know from the beginning ” ?

17.  (6:70)  Who was Jesus referring to in this verse?

18.  (6:67)  To whom did Jesus ask the question “Will you also go away?”

19.  (6:70)  What did Jesus call Judas in this verse?

20.  Compare 6:56 with Luke 22:19-20.  What is Jesus referring to here?

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