John 5: The healing of the lame man

1. (5:2)  In what town was the pool of Bethesda located?

2. (5:5-8)  How many years had this man been ill?

3.  (5:6)  Why do you think Jesus asked this question? 
            What was His motive?

4. (5: 8,9,11, & 12)  What same phrase occurs in these four verses?

5. (5:10)  On what day of the week did this miracle take place?

6. (5:14)  What further instruction did Jesus give this man?

7. (5:16-18)  For what two reasons did the Jews want to kill Jesus?

8. (5:29)  What are the two possible destinations every person will face?

9.  (5:19)  Who does what the Father does?

10.  (5:23)  To deny honor to the Son is to deny honor to whom?

11.  (5:25)  Jesus said that the day will come when the dead shall hear what?

12.  (5:27)  What did Jesus give the Father the authority to do?

13.  (5:28)  Who did Jesus say would hear His voice? 

In each of the following verses, list the persons or things
      that witness or testify that Jesus is the Son of God:


14.  (5:33) 
15.  (5:36) 
16.  (5:37) 
17.  (5:39)


18.  (5:39-40)  Jesus said that people refuse to come to Him for what?

19.  (5:41)  How dependent is Jesus upon the testimony of humans?

20.  (5:42)  What was wrong with these Jews?

21.  (5:45-47)  What Old Testament character did Jesus
                say “ accused ”  the Jews of evil?

Maxim of the Moment

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